5 Tips To Make Your Home Look Bigger

Date9/6/2022 2:43:25 PM
Living in big cities, we often give up the luxury of space. From crowded streets to cramped spaces, it’s hard to find open areas that make you feel relaxed and calm. Our homes are where we end up spending a lot of our time, but what do you do if your home doesn’t feel spacious either?
We asked our professional team of SILA interior designers to share their top tips for making a space look and feel larger, and here’s what they had to say.
Service ACs Regularly
This was one thing everyone mentioned. When we’re at home, we often get used to the same clutter and mess that’s visible everyday. However, these corners stuffed with shoes, books or decor objects can end up looking messy and unappealing. In order to start making your space look bigger, you need to get rid of the unnecessary and organise the essentials. Find ways to hide your storage, under beds and on top of closets in order to keep things out of sight.
Use Neutral, Soft Colours
You might have noticed that deep, dark shades.
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