Implement BIM Easily In Your Construction Project

Date9/13/2022 4:03:35 PM
PriceUSD 50.00
BIM, one of the most considerable advancements in CAD, is turning the building methods and processes into more efficient and cost-saving. With BIM and digital power, construction designing, management, and information interoperability have become streamlined. As a result, adopting BIM modelling in your building projects saves time and money, increasing the overall ROI.

Silicon Engineering Consultants LLC is a USA-based engineering CAD firm offering BIM outsourcing to the AEC industry. As a leading BIM services provider, we help contractors, engineers, fabricators, architects, and project companies implement BIM in their projects from scratch. We provide LOD modelling from levels 100 to 500. With our BIM services, you can work collaboratively. Reach us today with your requirements and start building hassle-free.

Why Invest In Building Information Modeling?
- Complete Collaboration And Coordination
- Design Clash Detection And Coordination At Early Stages
- Help Mitigate On-Site Risks And Budgetary Risks
- Increase The Overall Project Efficiency; Therefore, The ROI

BIM Offerings:-
- Architectural, Structural, MEP, HVAC BIM
- BIM Clash Detection
- Scan To BIM
- Laser Point Cloud
- LOD Services
- 4D, 5D, And 6D BIM Models
- COBie Services
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