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Date9/14/2022 2:03:42 PM
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Blend. Stir. Boost. Naked Syrups’ Best Turmeric Powder has a warm, bitter taste and is typically used to add color and flavour to curry powders, cheeses, mustards, and butter. This is a healing spice in Ayurvedic and traditional medicine for several decades already.

The citrusy aroma, vibrant colour, and earthy flavor of turmeric make meals come alive. Add this all-around sauce to every food you can think of- roasted veggies and eggs to chicken and rice dishes.

Aside from this, the most effective nutritional supplement you can opt-in is turmeric, and here are a few of its benefits:

Have medicinal properties
Natural anti-inflammatory compound
Increases antioxidant capacity of the body
Boost brain-derived neurotrophic factor
Lower risk of cardiovascular diseases
Help prevent cancer

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