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Date9/19/2022 3:53:42 PM
PriceRs 5,100.00
The ancient science of Astrology has devised many ways and techniques to help humans overcome their challenges and live a more happier and successful life. These remedies are decided by analysing the kundli or the birth chart of an individual. One of the strongest remedies is gemstones. A particular gemstone is associated with one particular planet.
The ring which will hold the gemstone will be made of silver or gold, this will be decided by looking at your kundli. The ring is worn on the finger advised by the Astrologer which is connected to the sea planet as the gemstone.
Once you wear the ring, the gemstone will refract the light entering through it, and the effect of the planet on your consciousness and various parts of your life begins to change. Everything from health and emotions to your career & earnings is effected and you grow to be a happier person.

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