Special Spiced Chai Latte - Naked Syrups

Date9/26/2022 5:51:56 AM
02 8711 366002 8711 3660
Bring on all of the chai-flavoured recipes you have! Whether you are a sweet, dirty, or spiced chai latte kind of person, this authentic chai spice mix is totally customisable and delicious.
Learn how to make your own tasty and spiced chai tea latte, chocolate chai oats, or apple chai oatmeal cups! Naked Syrups love to play with flavours so we add a little ground ginger rather than the typical sweet spice mix. Have no shame in doing the same! Our taste buds want what it wants.
Check out what our product has in-stored for you:
Made out from the traditional combination of milk and tea
Vegan-Australia Certified
For hot or cold beverages
Contrary to popular belief, our chai latte powder is totally the most-preferred beverage people drink in all different seasons! Start mixing yourself up with a batch of our product by reaching out at 02 8711 3660.
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