Scientific Dissemination Services

Purpose of Scientific Dissemination
Scientific dissemination can be used to collect input from the audience, and to be able to engage with the public.
•Spread awareness of the research activities offered by company/ organization/ institution
•Maximize the impact of research findings & results
•Engage with stakeholders
•Allow researchers to think a way ahead
•Helps in tackling research problems
•Benefits innovation, economy & society
•Providing new recommendations from experts in domain and research funding
•Extensive marketing of the documents and other visuals to reach out to as much audience as possible

Why Ingenious e-Brain Solutions for Scientific Dissemination?
•Unique curated database of more than 2 million key opinion leaders from all over the globe and others
•Easy reach to various relevant organizations throughout the world
•Experts equipped with the knowledge bases for different domains to publish the data to reach domain-specific audience
•Accurate and comprehensive methodology for performing dissemination study
•Collaborations with newsletter or public release websites for publishing the contents on various social media platforms
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