Yarn Strength Tester for Sale

Date5/23/2023 1:56:07 AM
PriceUSD 7,500.00
Single Yarn Strength Tester is used to determine the breaking force and elongation at break of yarn of cotton, wool, hemp or other synthetic fiber silk, etc.
Accurately Positioning system with servo motor (Panasonic, Japan) and ball screw lead support, low noise and run smoothly; Customer able to set pre-tensile force; Many kinds of clamp are selectable according to requirements test standards, including pneumatic clamps. So please check the standard should be conform to when you select the clamp . and test result can print.
Single End Yarn Strength Tester complies with ISO 2062,ASTM D2256 DIN 53842.1,DIN 53835.2,KS K0409,BS 1932.Pt.2 etc international and retailer standards.
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