Nerve Shield

Date10/21/2022 7:44:43 AM
Imagine having the constant feeling of pins and needles in your feet, or the sense that something is burning in your legs; or even a sensation of pain in your feet that makes it difficult to walk. These are the things that can happen when there is a miscommunication between the nerves in the body and the brain.

Nerve Shield™ is a powerful formula that addresses multiple systems to promote healthy nerve function. Nerve Shield™ provides nutrients that:

1. Promote a healthy myelin sheath and overall nerve structure
2. Provide powerful and comprehensive antioxidant protection
3. Promote a healthy inflammatory response
4. Promote healthy circulation for those already within normal range

Nerve Shield™ is a comprehensive combination of herbs, amino acids, vitamins, and other nutrients that target the peripheral nervous system to promote health.
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