Get Back To The Game You Love With Effective Sports Injury T

(864) 256-4670(864) 256-4670
(864) 256-4670(864) 256-4670
Sports injuries are those injuries that a person may develop while playing sports. There are various sports injuries such as knee injuries, sprain, strains, etc. Sports injuries occur during exercise or while participating in a sport. Children are particularly at risk for these injuries, but adults can get them, too. Physical therapy is a very effective treatment for treating sports injuries. We have effective physiotherapists at Garber Physical Therapy who use sophisticated techniques to diagnose the pain correctly. Our main goal is to help you achieve maximum physical potential. Specialized plans for treatment are being developed for treating the pain and injury. We are located in Spartanburg, SC. For more information and appointment, you can contact us at 864-256-4670 or visit our website
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