Kevin Li laser engraver

Date10/31/2022 2:34:25 PM
LaserPecker 2 Pro Laser Power 5W Laser Engraver with Electric Supporting Track

1. More quickly: The LaserPecker 2 Pro Laser Engraver can engrave at a rate of 36,000 mm per minute and preview frames and graphics at a rate of 225,000 mm per minute.
2. Finer Details: The compressed spot of the LaserPecker 2 Pro engraving machine is as small as 0.05 mm x 0.05 mm, and the double lens focus and smaller laser spot produce more details to improve your artwork.
3. Easier to Use and Quicker to Get Started: This is due to the simpler assembly. Set up quickly and start working on your crafts. It easily links a computer and a smartphone.
4. Better Alternative: The LaserPecker 2 Pro laser cutter is portable, lightweight, and small in size, giving the option to maintain productivity while utilizing less space. The original handle design supports hand-held engraving and has no restrictions on the amount of engraving space
5. Safer Engraving: Eye damage from blue light is reduced by wearing goggles an
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