Demodex, is it contagious?

Date11/10/2022 3:17:19 PM
These mites may transmit through touch, thus they are infectious. Therefore, if anyone in your family has been diagnosed with eye issues as a result of Demodex, the entire family should be screened and an eyelid-cleaning regimen should be initiated for them every day. Additionally, to get rid of any larvae, you should wash the bed linens, towels, pillowcases, and other items in hot water and use anti-Demodex spray.
Moreover, you must never give anyone your eye makeup. c brushes, mascara, eyeliner, and other cosmetics used on the eyelashes can all transmit Demodex mites. Highly concentrated Ungex PDT helps:
✔ Target mites on contact when used in daily/nightly routine.
✔ Suitable to stop cross-transfer when applied to fabrics that come into contact with affected areas (towels, pillows, etc.).
✔ Useful for preventing mites in the home and clinic.
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