Best Child Custody Lawyers in Bangalore

Date11/10/2022 3:16:45 PM
Lawyer Sonia believes that a father-child relationship is just as valuable as one between a mother and child and that gender-based discrimination in family court is unconscionable. An attorney who is willing to advocate for a father's rights is necessary to represent a father in a custody case.

The only way for men to succeed in a system that seems predisposed against them is to use all the resources available to them, both legally and strategically. It is Famous Lawyer's mission to help men achieve just that. Sonia can assist you with any custody issue you may be facing.

Our Best Services:

* Child Support and Maintenance
* Custody of Children
* Child Adoption and Guardianship
* Return of Stridhana Property
* Women's Harassment and Dowry Prohibition Cases
* Providing Domestic Violence Protection

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