Patel Accosicates

Date11/15/2022 10:44:13 AM
PATEL ASSOCIATES is specialized in the Trading of Welding Consumables such as All types of Welding Electrodes, MIG / MAG Welding Wires, MIG Welding Accessories/Torch, Flux Cored Wires, Gas Welding Accessories, Workshop/machinery & Welding machine, Rectifier/Inverter, Pipe/ Bus Bar Banding Hydraulic Machine, Safety Equipments & Lifting Materials, S.S/C.S./Allum /TIG & MIG Filler Wires, Tungsten & Silver Brazing Rod, M.S/S.S & Stringler Circular Wire Brush, Hand Tools, SAP/SHARP, Argon Torch/Accessories. Through our sales network, we cover a record of the local market all over Gujarat and hence are enjoying a strong domestic presence
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