Sweet Chai Syrup - Naked Syrups

Date11/22/2022 2:01:31 PM
02 8711 366002 8711 3660
Don't be afraid to throw an exotic tea party! A sweet, intense, and dark syrup that is useful in bringing out the flavours in recipes and drinks with a delicious blend of distinct spices.

The secret to the goodness of Naked Syrups' Chai Syrup is a perfect blend of nutmeg, vanilla, cloves, cinnamon, black tea, and all exotic spice flavours. Complexity never tasted so good until our chai syrup came into the picture.

Our syrup is truly amazing! A small thing goes a long way but when these are incorporated, a fantastic Chai tea flavour wins it all!

Vegan-Australia Certified
For hot or cold beverages
No artificial additives

A flavour for all is an opportunity for everyone. See what we mean by this by talking to us at 02 8711 3660.
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