Hay Boxes in the UK with the Fresh Hay Grass

Date11/23/2022 7:34:00 AM
According to experts, rabbits' food should consist of 80–90% of optimum-quality fresh hay every day. This fresh hay helps to enhance the health of the animals, which is certainly our prime goal as an organization. Our natural grass hay is grown organically. This is the reason why our hay boxes in the UK are so popular among distinct residents.
All of our hay grass is carefully and manually broken down by our dedicated workers. They sieve out all the dust and remove anything harmful for your bunnies to consume. We don't want your bunnies eating anything harmful, which is why we double-check all of our hay boxes before they are sold so your bunnies can enjoy them without harm. The Little Hay Company understands the need for nutrition and fiber for small animals, so we ensure that hay grass contains the appropriate amount of fiber and all the necessary nutrients. The long, rough stems provide the right texture to naturally whittle your rabbit's teeth as it consumes, leading to a healthier, happier bun!
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