School Turnstile Security Solutions

Date12/9/2022 3:55:37 AM
PriceUSD 1,800.00
How many and which kind of turnstile security gates do I need for my school turnstile security project?

Through the example of turnstile security gate installation for many years, we know that campus safety accidents occur frequently, so the school also continuously improves the management measures and updates the security products in the aspect of security management. And in practical application, personnel in and out of the turnstile security gate constantly dock other management systems to form a unified management platform.

At the same time, it is the responsibility of Mairs to put forward continuous requirements and requirements for turnstile security gate technology, constantly update products, and put forward a more suitable school entrance and exit management scheme. The entry of foreign personnel into the dormitory will affect the safety management of the campus, and damage a quiet and safe campus environment.

The type of pedestrian turnstile gate installed in the school is also selected according to the school type and the specific actual situation of the installation site. It is also a different choice for different types of schools such as kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, and colleges. How to choose pedestrian turnstile gates in different types of schools and installation sites? Below, turnstile manufacturer – MairsTurnstile recommends some practical solutions and products for the reference of users in need. Of course, you can also contact us directly and let our professional salesperson provide the solution suitable for you according to your needs.
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