Delectable Dessert Sauces - Naked Syrups

Date1/9/2023 10:15:03 AM
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Explore the goodness brought by Naked Syrups' dessert sauces. These flavour enhancers enrich desserts' flavour and appearance; the same way savoury sauces bring out the umami in fish, meats, and vegetables. Fortunately, our sauces complement nearly every dessert you can think of.

Dessert sauces are an excellent choice to highlight flavours. Choose ones that create balance on the plate and with the rest of the components. Hence, choose the sauce in Naked Syrups to achieve those decadent goodies. Quick tip, our product tastes best for ice cream toppings but they will do the trick drizzled on brownies or cake!

A confectionary isn't the same without a flavour enhancer to round it out! Check out these available topping sauces for your food menu.
Salt Caramel
Wild Strawberry

Make even the simplest desserts seem sophisticated with these sweet sauces! Find out more of these at 02 8711 3660.
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