Basic course

Everybody has what it takes to train his or her voices to endure and excel in any situation.

Perhaps you have looked on in amazement while those around you maintain precise control over the pitch and volume of their voice as if it where completely intuitive for them. You thought to yourself, ‘I sure would like to be able to use my voice like that!’

Or maybe your profession places a substantial demand on your voice, and over time you’ve noticed that your voice simply doesn’t do what you would like it to. That can be a terrible feeling and lead to crippling insecurities in your day to day live.

To be able to use your voice in the way that you want to is not only important for your psychological well being and self confidence – it’s also oodles of fun.

And now you can do exactly that!

With this simple, safe and sure fire method, you will

Build your voice’s endurance to speak or sing at a large range of volumes for long periods of time
Be introduced to the foundations of healthy breathing techniques
Learn how to protect your voice from strain and overexertion

What you practice is what you will learn; therefore it is absolutely crucial that from day on you build in proper technique and vocalization to your practice routine.

I developed the ‘Basic Course in Voice Development’ in order to provide you with the foundational techniques and concepts necessary to correctly begin training your voice.

What comes with the audio course ‘Basic Course in Voice Development’?

On CD 1 you will

Become familiar with the anatomical basis of using your voice in a healthy and sustainable manner
Be introduced to so called 'support' and how to utilize your diaphragm to provide this support to your voice
Learn about the 'Twang' technique and how to use it to protect your voice
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