Chinchilla hay for sale in the U.K.

Chinchillas need a diet high in fibre, so low-calcium grass hay like Timothy hay, orchard grass, botanical hay, oat hay, or meadow hay should be provided. Hay should be the primary food source for your chinchilla and should be available to them at all times. Hay for chinchillas should have a rounded nutritional profile. Numerous options are available, but you must make the right choice to ensure your pet's health. But our Chinchilla hay is beneficial, as it contains all the valuable components of a chinchilla's diet to meet its fibre requirements. Hay can also smooth down the chinchillas' teeth, which can expand by two inches per year!
At Little Hay Co, we take great pride in our field-to-food philosophy and have worked hard to produce complete, eco-friendly, and convenient packaging of chinchilla hay for sale in the UK. We ensure to provide only the best for your pet; all of our hay boxes are manually sifted to remove all undesirable substances. Furthermore, we traditionally cut the grass and let it dry in the sun for 24 hours, but before we package it for you, we pick it up loose and dry it with dehumidified air in our purpose-constructed hay-drying barn. So you can ensure that your pets are indeed in the right hands.
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