Pneumonia Symptoms and Causes

Date1/23/2023 12:37:57 PM
Some diseases have endured over time despite the civilization's advances in medicine. One of these, pneumonia, can occur everywhere in the world. A lung disease caused by bacteria or viruses is infectious pneumonia. Numerous symptoms, including a fever, chills, shortness of breath, coughing up phlegm, and chest pain, may be present. Antibiotics may frequently treat pneumonia at home, but severe cases may necessitate hospitalisation and even be fatal. Some of the most prevalent infectious organisms that cause pneumonia are protected against by vaccines. The Integrated Medical Care Hospital (IMC Hospital), one of Pakistan's most prestigious institutions, is well known for its exploits and great results in the field of pulmonology (Lungs Diseases). Here is the symptoms and causes of pneumonia at Imc Hospital.
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