Control's Expedition Team Dog (Sparky) Found With Audio

Control's Expedition Team Dog (Sparky) Found With Audio.Warning ⚠️ What You're About To See Might Be Disturbing.
For Immediate Public Release.
Control Has Confirmed Reports About (Sparky) Control's Expedition Team Dog.
We are still working to put the pieces together. It appears that Sparky escaped the whole ordeal. What we assume is that the corporal placed her phone with camera activated into Sparky's Vest and Only Audio was recorded. Sparky was still covered with some type of strong silk like material. In it's face most probably trying to set his owner Free. Sparky had a tracking device but his signal got lost about 2 miles from the original contact were the group was Investigating Oumuamua's Meteorites. We believe he entered some sort of cave. The moanings appear to be from the Expedition Team. Control is gathering all the data for Special Forces Extraction of the Team.
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