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Date2/14/2023 6:24:04 PM
PriceUSD 20.00
Eventio Group is an event planning and award presentation organization
focusing on gathering businesses, influencers and entertainers in the same
place. Developing unique ways to recognize businesses, innovators and trend
setters while providing a fun atmosphere for networking. Drawing influencers
with witty awards, amazing shows and unforgettable experiences will help
you gain the recognition needed in your industry.
Our Mission is to bring a legitimate cognizance among the public by organizing
countless events & ceremonies, both virtually & physically. We have over 80+
categories listed & still counting, for which events will be conducted throughout
the year.
● Our Vision is to identify companies and organisations that are
committed to achieving the highest standards of excellence.
● To bring those individuals to limelight who are the masterminds behind
these award-winning organisations and let the world know about them
for their efforts
● To promote & publicize deserving business & products that helps
people in their habitual life.
● To conduct public events that will help the emerging industries gain more
recognition and attention.
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