Bicycle-sharing system

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Date2/18/2023 7:50:29 AM
To prevent thefts, bike sharing programs gravitated to smart card control systems.' One of the first 'smart bike' programs was the Grippa™ bike storage rack system used in Portsmouth (UK)'s Bikeabout system.[20][21][22] The Bikeabout scheme was launched in October 1995 by the University of Portsmouth, UK as part of its Green Transport Plan in an effort to cut car travel by staff and students between campus sites.[21] Funded in part by the EU's ENTRANCE[note 1] program, the Bikeabout scheme was a "smart card" fully automated system.[21][22][23] For a small fee, users were issued magnetic striped 'smart cards' readable at a covered 'bike store' kiosk, unlocking the bike from its storage rack,[21] station-located CCTV cameras limited vandalism.[21] On arrival at the destination station, the smart card unlocked cycle rack and recorded the bike's return,[21] registering if the bike was returned with damage or if the rental time exceeded a three-hour maximum.[21] Implemented with an original
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