Do I have Trauma? Most Canadians Have Experienced Trauma, Bu

Date2/20/2023 9:56:25 PM
Most Canadians have experienced a traumatic event. In fact, according to Statistics Canada (2021), that number is closer to two-thirds of Canadians. The source of trauma varies and can include child abuse, violence, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, traffic accidents, natural disasters, combat-related war trauma, and more. But in all cases, despite the weight of psychological trauma, there is hope that they will endure. In this blog post, I want to provide a brief overview of psychological trauma and offer hope to those who suffer or know someone who has.
What is psychological trauma?

Psychological trauma involves human actions or events that overwhelm normal human functioning and create a sense of helplessness. It differs from typical life accidents in that it may involve threats to life or well-being or direct violence or death. Those who suffer from trauma experience extreme anxiety, loss of self-resources (albeit temporarily), and long-term psychological effects.
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