Increase Awareness with the 528 Hz Frequency

The ancient Solfeggio tones are nowadays being used in music therapies for the physical and mental well-being of people. In today’s fast-paced lives, we at times forget who we are from within, and continue to go with the flow.
This might make our professional lives successful, but have a lot of consequences. Like frustration, irritation, depression, etc. These emotions often engulf us to the core and we stand confused as to what to do.
At times like this, it is highly recommended to seek music therapy. Listening to the 528 Hz frequency activates our Solar Plexus chakra, which increases awareness levels. Also known as the frequency of power, the 528 Hz frequency awakens the confidence within and balances our emotions for which we feel rejuvenated once again. Know more about 528 Hz frequency -
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