Lamp Recycling

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Vans Chemistry engineering team customized the state-of-the art technology and first of its kind in India that a waste lamp recycling unit spent along with mercury recovery
Vans Chemistry introduced a creative green packaging to collect certain type of lamps, again it is our interest to provide best services to our clients in an eco-friendly way. The package divided as separate compartments to accommodate lamps safely to ensure it reached our premises securely.
We process your lamps in-house via fully monitored system to assure optimal performance and safety. Our Lamp recycling system routes are fully traceable and all recycled products are safely recovered. Our process yields mercury at maximum purity and all other resources are reused or reprocessed into valuable commodities wherever possible
Our crushers safely collect the crushed mercury lamp debris in heavy duty drums. All mercury vapour emissions are controlled through filtration. This cutting-edge technology is considered to be one of the best lamp recycling facilities in India

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