Best Bowl For Frenchies

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Date2/24/2023 3:24:50 PM
The Enhanced Pet Bowl was designed for French Bulldogs, with their flat faces who struggle to eat out of a flat bowl. The Enhanced Pet Bowl with its pet-friendly multi-levels provides your French Bulldog greater access to its meal.

Bill Harris, a proud owner of 2 French Bulldogs, Lacey and Eva, is an avid pet lover and active philanthropist towards pet worthy causes of all kinds. Bill would always notice that his poor fur babies would struggle every time they would eat. So one day he thought up a solution, put a clay model together and used it to feed his babies, and all the issues they had with their meal had disappeared. He went out to apply for the patent, had some 3D models put together, and shortly after the Enhanced Pet BowlTM was born.

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