Catalina's Cottage Soap Shop

Date3/3/2023 5:34:01 PM
Address: Rose Valley, Washington, USA

Catalina's Cottage is a Natural & Luxurious Soap & Body Products Business located in the woodsy hills of Rose Valley, Washington.
In 2016, Catalina's husband Paul began having skin problems and tried several different lotions to try to alleviate the problem. Catalina even changed their laundry soap to a ""sensitive skin"" type. Nothing changed. Out of desperation, Catalina researched for days and watched all sorts of videos on soap making and the best ingredients to use. She created an all natural soap for her husband, and the itching stopped. Soon, family members were begging for her to make soap for them too. Soon enough, people began to buy her soap to help her pay for her ingredients. Her soaps became more colorful and artistic, and many different herbs and ingredients were used. Catalina's family and friends encouraged her to open a business. And here we are now.
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