Everything You Wanted To Know About Automotive Lubricants

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Date3/11/2023 6:19:38 AM
Most of a lubricant's volume is made up of base oil, which can either be formed of synthetic or mineral oils. The mineral base oil can be obtained through the distillation process used in the refining of crude oil, while synthetic base oils are produced by further refining mineral base oil through laboratory processes. Based on the degree of purity, base oil can be categorised into four categories. Mineral base oils are in Groups I and II, synthetic base oils are in Group III, and other base oils are in Group IV. In order to improve or add important properties to base oil, such as lowering friction, raising viscosity index, managing deposits and sludge through detergent-dispersant additives, gear-oil additives, which can make up anywhere from 10 to 30% of the lubricant's composition, are required. Depending on the application and the benefits anticipated, lubricants are created with particular base oils and additives. Gars lubricants is a leading additives Manufacturer In India with strong dinstributes across the country.
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