Action figure Protector for DC Multiverse

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Date3/21/2023 6:59:36 PM
Protector For DC Multiverse
Hello, My name is Barry R. and I am the owner of Retro As F, I am also the only employee. So all of your orders come directly from me.
I started Retro As F as a passion project. Since I was 3 years old, I began collecting action figures. My very first action figure was Skeletor from the original 1982 Masters of the Universe toy-line. Since then, I have amassed a huge collection mostly comprised of Masters of the Universe and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

As a child, I opened all of my toys and threw away their packaging, but as an adult I learned the importance of preserving the packaging. For years, I stored my action figures in large plastic totes lined with bubble wrap, and they never saw the light of day. I wanted to display them on shelves, but they would always fall over and the packaging would become damaged. Additionally, the sun light coming into the room would fade the cardboard and yel
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