Florida Vision Technology

Date3/27/2023 1:31:42 AM
Business Address:
2880 W Oakland Park Blvd Suite 104
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311
Lesa Berg Kretschmer
Office Hours:
Monday - Friday, 9am to 5pm
Business description:
Florida Vision Technology is a leader in the field of assistive technology, providing innovative solutions to visually impaired and blind individuals. Our products range from OrCam Read and Envision Glasses to Reveal and Cloverbook video magnifier as well as Braille notetakers and translators. We offer a variety of low vision aids and vision aids for those with macular degeneration and central vision loss. We are committed to delivering quality service and positive results, and our team of experts is dedicated to helping individuals maximize their potential. Our products are designed to be scalable and flexible to meet the needs of our clients and ensure that they can remain competitive in a rapidly changing world.
Macular Degeneration, Age-Related Macular Degeneration, Magnifiers, Orcam read, Orcam reader,
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