Internet Cut Off Kill Switch

Date3/29/2023 4:59:21 AM
PriceUSD 400.00
Internet Switch Internet ON OFF CUT OFF Kill Switch Control's INTERNET access to your computer, Prevents data loss or other damage from remote start ups of your computer. This is a full 4 Pair manual disconnect. Completely shuts off your Internet connection with a simple push of a switch. “INTERNET SWITCH” Stop hackers before they start. Control Internet access to your computer. Can even block Wi - Fi connections if installed before your Wi – Fi source. Prevent data loss or damage to expensive products or equipment. Allows you a quick and easy disconnect to all of your devices from the INTERNET. Including Smart TV’s. Prevent eavesdropping via web cams & other hidden internal recording devices. Isolate or close private networks to Home Cameras systems or network storage drives. Software versions can easily be hacked. Rest assured! This switch is 100% Guaranteed Un-hackable. Similar technology has been in use for years. Sources have said Microsoft and others recommend “Not leaving your computer left open and unattended to the Internet”. If you are not on line you can not be hacked.
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