GREENMAX foam compactor Zeus-C 200

Date4/8/2023 5:32:06 AM
PriceUSD 1.00
+1 909 906 0333+1 909 906 0333
GREENMAX foam compactor ZEUS C200 is the stronger version of the foam Compactor. Apart from waste EPS foam, ZEUS C200 also can deal with EPE and EPP materials. It crushes the plastic foams and compacts them into blocks, and the surface of the blocks is melted. The strongly stuck surface could prevent the compacted material from scatting again.
The screw compression technology produces continuous logs at a ratio of 50:1, two strong motors drive the pre-crusher cutter shafts. With high density and security, no fumes, and low utility consumption, you can operate it without safety concerns. For more details please contact us:+1 909 906 0333
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