energy performance consultancy service London

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Date4/11/2023 8:55:39 PM
energy performance consultancy service London

At Energy Performance Solutions, we try to achieve the best possible rating for your property. We can provide the standard EPC certificate where you can see the energy efficiency recommendations, which are automatically set by the software that we energy assessors use. However, we can also offer a consultancy service where we assess your property and then provide energy efficiency improvements outside the ones stated in the EPC certificate. These extra recommendations cost much less to implement as the aim is to achieve a minimum of C rating, avoiding costly improvements such as wall insulation or double glazing. Whether it is a full property refurbishment or just a few adjustments, this service is highly recommended for who needs a C rating minimum at lower costs. Given the new regulations that will come into force in 2025, requiring properties to achieve a minimum of C rating, it is wise to always to consult with a specialist before maki
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