The Art of Self-Value

Date4/13/2023 9:55:31 PM
PriceUSD 16.00
Do you ever feel guilt that you aren't happy, or worry that life feels boring or stagnant?
Do you want to live a happier life that brings you closer to spiritual fulfillment?
Discover your Neshama: the divine power that lies within your soul.
At an early age, we learn to devalue ourselves. Most of us die without knowing how special and powerful we are and without experiencing our innate divinity. We cannot find meaning in life when it so often revolves around earthly luxuries and pointless commitments.
Yet you were born to do amazing things. You have known that since you were little. This book is designed to help you unlock the success and freedom you already know you are capable of, through instructive ideas and practical exercises.
Inspired by the teachings of Laila Barzeski, Ben Ha’Elohim: a soul that was from the beginning loyal to God, The Art of Self-Value offers a step-by-step system that acts as an expanded homeopathic treatment to cure the physical, mental, and emotional bodies. It is a transformative workbook that will help you to change your life for the better. If you are a spiritual seeker on your transformational path, this book will guide, inspire, and support you.
The Universe shall help you make it happen.
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