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As one of the world’s largest appliance power players, Electrolux consistently raises the bar for laundry appliances with cutting-edge features that save time and energy. Their washers feature innovative solutions that improve the functionality and consumer convenience of laundry, like Sensor Dry, which adjusts the drying cycle based on how wet your clothes are to prevent overdrying. They’re also exceptionally quiet, so they won’t disrupt your home life.

Front load washers are more popular than agitator top loaders because they perform more efficiently, allow for stacking, and have a sleek modern design. Electrolux is the leader in front load washing machines, producing high-performance and energy-efficient models with a variety of functions to get your clothes cleaner than ever.

For example, their StainSoak option eliminates pre-treating stains by mixing water, detergent, and stain remover before the wash begins.
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