Best e-Waste Management Course in India

Date6/7/2023 3:52:29 PM
PriceRs 7,500.00
Looking for an e-Waste management course? Vansi IIEM offers various professional certified courses both online and offline. Enroll now!

With a noble vision of revolutionizing the education sector of E-Waste Management toward a sustainable and circular economy, VANSi International Institute of E-Waste Management was introduced in bridging the gap and imparting the technical skills required to create a skilled workforce for a sustainable society.
E-Waste management is a significant concern for many developing countries, including India. This is rapidly becoming a major public concern that is only getting worse. It is critical to link the informal and formal sectors to collect, adequately handle, and dispose of e-waste, as well as divert it from traditional landfills and open burning.
The Institute offers professional certification courses with an aim to inculcate the global best practices into the minds of our stakeholders and transform the E-Waste industry.
Our expert faculty have decades of experience in practicing and imparting knowledge in e-Waste Management, circular economy, sustainability and are spread across the globe.
VANS Chemistry, headquartered in Singapore was established with a vision of providing one-stop solutions to global E-Waste management problems. With a dexterous team in possession, VANS expanded its horizon in delivering customized and innovative technological solutions in the area of E-Waste management, Precious Metal and Strategic Metals Management along with environmental pollution control. They are one of the leading customized one-stop solutions for integrated technology with a diverse clientele in the USA, Europe, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, South Africa, Japan etc., to name a few.
Being one of the leading one-stop solution providers in E-Waste Management, VANS Chemistry continued to be engaged in knowledge transfer by conducting webinars, workshops and awareness programs at various national and international levels. Therefore with the same vision, VANSi International Institute of E-Waste Management was established with a clear objective of leadership in e-Waste education and implementation of global and sustainable solutions in Indian e-Waste management.
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