getting more friends in the bronx, for myself- requirements

Date6/12/2023 3:31:10 PM
Hi i'm joseph asimeng. i'm 23 years old, from the bronx, new york. i'm ghanaian.

By the way, i need new friends who...

-are also ghanaian, with an american accent(cuz's the way i talk)

-in between the ages of 17 to 24 years old

-from co-op city,(cuz i live around there) or any other part of the east bronx, new york

-will be nice to me, make time for me, and talk to me more often when i try to contact them

-will try to be a little bit nice to my family, if i were to introduce them to each other one day

-watch a little bit of anime(rarely),

-play a little bit of games (rarely),

-don't read mangas or comics,

-hate smoking(cuz it can kill you, even from those ads, regardless of exaggeration),

-hate tattoos(cuz it can hurt you when you get it in my opinion and your opinion too),

-don't have pets(and i never will because i don't want them (dogs) to bark at me, trying to hurt me or you in any type of way- you should kinda scared of them but i wouldn't say too much),

-don't curse too much at other people,

-don't watch or remember much movies or tv shows,

-like watching sports but i don't know sports stat right now

-bad at playing sports(sort of)

-are mostly shy,

-go to church but don't know much about the bible right now(even though i'm from a african/afro-christian family), but i will read the bible soon

-don't know much about politics right now.

-hate horror movies

-don't pay bills so far

-like online browsing, even taking notes about that

-like knowing company facts & other facts

(even if i haven't done it in a while cuz of some homework assignments that may come up)

-like watching tv ads and other videos anytime

-know almost every car name

-like people who think discipline seems tough when it's really not

-like people who are passive aggressive but not too much

-like imagining fake stories(even though i haven't done it in a while, if you don't get it don't ask)

-have autism but don't know which type i have

-don't work out too much

-don't hike outside

-don't flex with stuff i bought before(even if i have an idea on how to do it)

-rarely look at memes

-not gangsters

-are not nerds

-don't remember their past(too much)

-don't have too much favorites(favorite songs, favorite music artists, favorite stores etc.)

(if its hard for them to pick, or if its any other reason that would be great)

-but are cool, smart and funny in their own ways


-don't know much about history, science, math

-don't like or watch hentai

-mostly know how to spell any word

-haven't been cooking themselves yet either

-don't make knives

-don't make cheese

-don't make candles

-not lock pickers

-not jugglers

-might like table tennis/ping pong, but also don't think i played it yet

-don't do scrapbooking

-don't play any sport right now

-don't do stand up comedy

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