Natalia Rafi Jewellery

Natalia Rafi Jewellery Designer Derby. Creating luxury, bespoke and ready to wear pieces using sustainable materials. Natalia Rafi Jewellery is the outcome of a 20 year career in precious metal bench work . Our head jeweller “Nat” started training on a jewellery bench when she was just 16 years old. A perfectionist that spent the next 2 decades refining her skills whilst working for two reputable UK jewellery houses. Eventually the urge to embrace her own vision became too much, she teamed up with her partner “Nick” and they set out to make their own mark on the industry. A brand that defies convention and knows no boundaries, Natalia Rafi embraces fashion trends whilst aiming to convey their own vision for contemporary jewellery.

Address :
Banks Mill Studios, 71 Bridge Street, Derby, DE1 3LB
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