Mr Mold of Michigan

Date6/18/2023 4:06:23 AM
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Through our Mold Cleaning service, we systematically identify and eradicate mold colonies from your property. We utilize safe, efficient methods to clean surfaces and maintain indoor air quality.
Mold can cause significant damage to structures. Our Mold Damage Restoration service rebuilds and restores areas affected by mold, returning your property to its original state.
With our Mold Inspection service, we identify hidden and visible mold growth in your property. Our certified inspectors use advanced tools to ensure thorough detection, safeguarding your health and property.
Our Mold Mitigation service focuses on addressing sources of moisture to prevent future mold growth. We implement effective strategies to manage moisture levels and control mold.
Mold Remediation involves removing and treating areas affected by mold. Our certified professionals ensure that your property is safe, clean, and healthy for its occupants.
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