Ceramic Alumina Balls: The Best Catalyst Bed Support

Date2/10/2024 11:10:07 AM
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ceramic alumina balls are widely in demand for providing the best catalyst support to desiccant air and gas drying systems. The desiccant plays a major role in eliminating water molecules from other gases, to work efficiently and not lose integrity and quality for a longer time.
The ceramic alumina balls which are high purity inert product which act as a true bed support for an adsorbents & active catalysts, These ceramic alumina ball has stronger resistance to high temperature and high pressure, lower ratio of the moisture absorbing, more stable chemical properties. These are capable of enduring the corrosion of acid, alkali, and organic solvent. In addition, it can also bear the rapid transitions of temperature during the operation. In fact, its principal functions are to accelerate the distribution of gas or liquid , and support or protect the active catalyst, which especially has the relevantly lower mechanical strength.
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