Feeling cornered? Here's how to escape...

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Date7/11/2023 4:18:54 PM
Feeling cornered? Here's how to escape...

I was on my way to catch a connecting flight a couple months ago.

I got hungry.

SO, I headed over to this burger joint.

While I waited for my burger, I noticed the pain on the face of one employee who was flipping patties.

Clearly, she had something on her mind.

More specifically, she looked like she had better things to do.

But maybe she didn't have a choice.

Maybe she was cornered, and was forced to work that job to put food on the table and clothes on the back of her young ones.


Ever feel like this?


Maybe you're living it as you read this, God forbid.

I really wish I could talk to the lady flipping the patties.

But she seemed too preoccupied.

If I could tell her one thing, it's that life truly CAN be different.

I'm sure you'd agree when I say your peace of mind is priceless.

So, seriously...

If you feel cornered...TRAPPED with nowhere to go, I'll show you how to free yourself.

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