Zeolite Granules for Flooring

Date2/7/2024 10:50:48 AM
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Zeolites in granule form especially helps for removing oxygen bubbles from the floor polishing materials. Thus, to avoid the uneven decorum of the flooring and make your floors shiny manufacturers invest in zeolite granules (powder).
The types of molecular sieves desiccants offered by Sorbead India include 3A, 4A, 5A and 13X molecular sieves which are available in the form of beads, pellets, and powder. Also, Sorbead India is the best carbon molecular sieves manufacturers in India. The molecular sieves with different pore sizes have their own importance in the range of applications depending on their molecular diameters and polarity. These include natural gas drying, insulated glass dehydration, solvent drying and distillation, oxygen purification, mercaptan removal, sweetening process, etc. We focus on developing innovative products that work efficiently to meet even the complex challenges of the specific adsorption requirements.
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