Zeolite 4A for Dehydrating Liquids & Gases

Date1/23/2024 9:11:50 AM
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Molecular Sieve 4A is used as a desiccant in an array of industrial applications. 4A molecular sieve means the molecules with the pore size of 4A0 or 4 angstroms are used for the adsorbing process. It simply signifies that molecules with the pores size larger than 4a cannot be used for adsorption. Generally, they are the sodium forms of the Type A structure.
Type 4a has reliable adsorption speed, higher resistance quality, and stronger adsorption, which are enough to enhance product life. Such type of molecular sieve is perfect to remove the moisture from liquids and gases. It is a universal dehydrating agent used in polar and non-polar media. This type of molecular sieve is the perfect desiccant for low inlet, humidity, with the temperature below 30-35% RH.
4A molecular sieves can be available in the form of beads, pellets and powder form.
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