Alumina Balls For Arsenic & Fluoride Removal

Date2/10/2024 5:07:43 PM
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Alsorb-F a true grade of activated alumina has long been considered the best technology for fluoride removal from aqueous solutions.
These can be used to treat potable water for household and municipal units as well as a great solution for wastewater streams for removal of fluoride and arsenic. The adsorptive process is simply requiring a flow rate across the media with a minimum of five minutes empty bed contact time.
Alsorb-F is an aluminum oxide that is highly porous and exhibits high surface area. The crystal structure of alumina contains cation lattice discontinuities giving rise to localized areas of positive charge; this makes alumina attract various anionic species.
Our alumina balls have a high preference for fluoride compared to other anionic species and hence is an attractive adsorbent. It also does not shrink, swell, soften nor disintegrate when immersed in water.
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