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Affiliate Content Management System (CMS) Network Marketing Software - MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) Software Development Service is a specialized service that involves designing, developing, and implementing a software solution to manage and automate multi-level marketing businesses that operate in multiple languages or regions. MLM businesses & Learning System, also known as network marketing or direct selling, involve selling products or services through a network of distributors or affiliates who earn commissions based on their sales and the sales of their downline.

To add MLM functionality to your website, you'll need to choose an MLM plugin or extension compatible with your chosen CMS. For WordPress/WooCommerce, there are plugins like "WooCommerce MLM Plugin" or "WP MLM." For other platforms, you might need to explore available options or consider custom development.

Integrate an affiliate registration system where users can sign up as affiliates. Provide them with a personalized dashboard where they can track their referrals, commissions, and other performance metrics.

Ensure that affiliates can generate unique affiliate links for products on your eCommerce store. These links are used to track referrals and sales attributed to each affiliate.

Creating an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) eCommerce website with affiliate commissions involves combining a content management system (CMS) with specific plugins or extensions to manage the MLM and affiliate functionalities.

Create MLM Software Plugin – Binary mlm, Unilevel mlm, Monoline mlm, Force Matrix MLM Plan, REST API with WooCommerce, Learning Managemnet System - LMS LearnPress.

Features of MLM Software
Email Settings.
SMS Settings.
Payout Reports in the admin.
Feature Withdrawal pay in the admin.
Genealogy representation of the Downlines.
Genealogy is based on the user name.
Run payout – distribute commission.

There are five types of commission
i. Join Commission
ii. Direct Referral Commission
iii. Level or Pair Commission
iv. Bonus Commission
v. Royalty Commission

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