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Date8/16/2023 11:35:39 AM
Timber Business is one of the oldest in the world. However, we are transforming it to 21st Century as if it is just Plug 'n’ Play - Buying Doors & Frames with us is as easy as downloading a Software.

Choosing the right timber species - This is where you will experience the Brand of Golden Timbers. We will help you choose the right timber species on your taste and budget.

Peace of Mind - We take care of all hassles of carpentry besides your preferences.

Deliver to your site and fix for you - Buying Doors and Frames with us is as easy as downloading a software.

Protection for the Home - We also supply accessories.

Why Golden Timbers® is different from other Timber companies?

Because we deal End 2 End such as Timber Import & Export + Running Two Sawmills + Doors/Frames Production + Two Doors Showrooms + Teakwood Furniture Manufacturing + Plywood. Hardly you will find this combination in the Timber world. That means no middleman.

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