Driving Sustainability: Mechanical Engineering Programs

Date8/17/2023 6:51:42 AM
The University of Engineering & Management Kolkata (UEM Kolkata) is renowned for producing graduate, postgraduate, and doctoral students known for their diligence, competence, discipline, social responsibility, and moral integrity. It stands out as an esteemed educational group among industry-centered academic organizations, addressing the technical and managerial resource shortage in the era of globalization. With a strong foundation in teaching and multifaceted research, the IEM UEM group aims to serve the future generation and the nation with self-sufficiency and unmatched excellence. UEM Kolkata encourages free inquiry, imagination, and human values, nurturing respectable individuals. The institute’s mechanical engineering syllabus drive sustainability through innovative device design and testing, preparing students for diverse fields like fluid mechanics, mechanical design, heat transfer, and manufacturing.

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