Best Curry Pub in Lampton

Date8/17/2023 4:05:50 PM
If you are looking for the Best Curry Pub in Lampton, then contact Bulstrode Pub. A classic and historic pub in the heart of Hounslow. Undeniably one of the oldest pubs in Hounslow, we offer an array of drinks at a great value, curated cocktails, and a delectable Indian Menu to suit every palate. Walk into this 15th-century manor to a large traditional bar that welcomes you with smiling faces. Choose between our cozy indoor seating or head straight to our best-kept secret – an ambient large outdoor garden. Join us for action-packed events with LIVE Bands and DJ Nights on weekends! Wind down on a weekday or pump up at the end of your week. Wine, dine, and relax with great food and greater spirits, for a unique dining experience, every time!
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