Want to know about web 3 Blockchain technology?

In the 21st century, we currently use Web 2.0, the second generation of the World Wide Web. Web 2.0 generally transformed the normal world into a digital era. With the use of this 2.0 web, we have digitally connected with each other all over the globe. We can easily find everything on the internet now, and we can also easily share videos or photos here. This Web 2.0 makes our life very easy and fast. But in future the web 3.0 will also come, and it’s the updated version of Web 2.0, when web 3 comes they change our world totally. They have more functions including Semantic web, Metaverse, artificial intelligence and more.

But in this web 3.0, they also have some lack of problems. Include UI-friendly designs, a coding-oriented facade to avoid downtimes, and most importantly data security, because entire ownership or custody of the data or content rests with the user "alone," there is no central body to oversee and ensure no one oversteps.

web3 blockchain technology is an important development in our ongoing journey to find better ways of doing things. With the help of this tool, we use our skills and creativity to make things better and more valuable. It also helps fix problems in things like money, security, banking and social systems, and more. want to learn more about this Read the complete articles on https://contentonweb.com/blockchain-and-web3-the-3rd-future/
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